Tourist Syndrome by Anna Fellows

A Tuesday Night Out by Martin Uhrbrand

A Barber’s Shop and a Beauty Queen by Daniel Rees Lewis

Being Presently Absent by Ellie Fazan

On Impact by Natalie Ellis

With or Without by Tara Yarrow-Gulatee

Untitled by Andi

The Lizard by Olga Tikhonova

Picking Sides by George Bean

Un Jour Dans la Vie / Where the Streets Have No Name by Melinda Gidaly Mayor

QF MNL-SYD-CHC by Jesse Hernandez Liwang

Untitled by Katherine Wong

Doe Normaal by Samuel Holleran

Memories of an Accidental Journey by Margot Tsim

Broad Lawns, Narrow Minds by Madeline Johnson

Three Childhoods by A.C. Kaminski

Copenhagen by Maya Guerrero

Ice Ice Baby by Katharina Poblotzki

Oh… to be Beside the Seaside by Alan Emmins

Postcards: Fragmented Memories of a Summer in France by Mark West

Being Abroad by Nine